WATCH: Lesbian Comedian Lea DeLaria Verbally Attacks Preacher on NYC Subway

Gay comedian Lea DeLaria (Credit: GETTY)
Gay comedian Lea DeLaria (Credit: GETTY)

New York City is an eclectic place. Randomly, people break out in soliloquys, song performances and gospel sermons on trains.

But Lea DeLaria, known as Big Boo from Orange is the New Black, verbally attacked a preacher for telling others “Jesus loves you” and “read your Bibles.”

“You have no right!” yelled the openly gay comedian, who seemed particularly offended by the impromptu sermon. “Other people believe other things and have every right to believe other things on this planet and in this world,” she elevated her voice.

Wearing a “Bad Jew” t-shirt, DeLaria also said Jesus never told him to preach on the subway, challenging the proclaimer to show her in the Bible where he was instructed to do so.

Though Christ told his followers in Mark 16:15 to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation,” DeLaria felt her right not to hear religious talk was being infringed upon and warranted her aggressive exchange with the stranger.

“You show me where Jesus told you to do this,” she challenged.

The preacher agreed, unphased, but before he could, she interrupted again.

“Don’t just read me one quote sir. You gotta read me the whole thing, because about two lines after what you’re about to read me, it’s gonna tell you not to eat pork. It’s gonna tell you not to wear clothes made of mixed fiber,” she said, zoning in on Old Testament laws set in place for Jews to follow.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine

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