Two Christian Websites in Canada Hacked by ISIS Supporters

Barrie Police say there is no threat to the public following the hacking of two local Christian websites by potential supporters of the militant group ISIS.

The websites of both Unity Christian High School, and Inniswood Baptist Church, were hacked with pro-ISIS messages.

Those messages included the words ‘I love ISIS’, photos of fighter jets and victims of bloody attacks, as well as a call for the elimination of America.

Aaron Harnden, the Principal at Unity Christian High School, says their website was hacked on Sunday afternoon.

“The I.T. department wanted to take it off and our board chair went and talked to the police department as well,” said Harnden. “You hope those kind of things don’t happen but the reality is it does exist.”

The same message that was posted on Unity Christian’s website also appeared on the Inniswood Baptist Church website on Monday.

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SOURCE: Mike Walker 
CTV News Barrie

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