President Obama’s Administration has Failed and Been Defeated Because he Has Endorsed, Promoted, and Sanctioned Homosexuality, the Homosexual Agenda, and Homosexual Marriage, as Well as Trampled on Religious Freedom and Supported Abortion

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

As we have said for the past seven years, President Obama is smart, but he is not wise.

It is sad that he, his administration, and even many Republicans and some Christians cannot make the connection between the President doing what no other American President has done before, and that is having the federal government to endorse, promote, and sanction homosexuality, the homosexual agenda, and homosexual marriage, and his presidency has failed and has been defeated because of it. He has also trampled on religious freedom and supported abortion. If conservatives and Christians don’t see this connection with the quickness and start repealing and rolling back the homosexual agenda, and not just Obamacare, they will be repudiated soon as well.

–BCNN1 Editors

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