REPUDIATED! The Republican Tidal Wave Victory is a Complete Repudiation of President Obama and his Policies

Dear Friend, give God his due. If you think for one minute that this overwhelming, thorough repudiation and rebuke of a president who has supported and sanctioned the homosexual agenda and homosexual marriage didn’t have anything to do with the emphasis on prayer over these past two years and God’s people praying — black, white, Hispanic, and others — then you are woefully deceived.


Centre-right Republicans took control of the US Senate after victories in Tuesday by-elections that they say reflected a rejection of US President Barack Obama.

Obama, a Democrat, had made clear that he sees the elections as a referendum on his policies. His unpopularity with voters, however, weighed on his fellow Democrats. Several Senate candidates refused to campaign alongside the president in the months leading up to Tuesday.

But such efforts failed to lead to wins in several contested regions. Republicans picked off seven seats from Democrats: in West Virginia, Arkansas, South Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Iowa and North Carolina. Democrats retained the closely contested states of New Hampshire and Virginia

Republican wins came even in states that Obama had won in the most recent presidential elections, including Iowa, which gave him his first win in his 2008 presidential campaign, when voters in the Iowa caucus started him on his path to his party’s nomination.

Republicans also expanded their control of the lower House of Representatives and won governors’ races in several states currently run by Democrats, including Obama’s home state of Illinois.

The Republican victory was a “rejection of President Obama’s failed policies,” the party stated.

“Republicans have been given the opportunity to lead the country in a better direction and the Republican House and Senate are ready to listen to the American people. We hope President Obama will too,” party chairman Reince Priebus said.

The Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, easily won re-election in Kentucky, despite having earlier been viewed as a target for a Democratic win.

McConnell, who is poised to become majority leader of the 100-member chamber, said his campaign reflected rejection of “a government that people no longer trust to carry out its most basic duties.”

However, he signalled a willingness to work with Obama.

“Just because we have a two-party system doesn’t mean we have to be in perpetual conflict,” he said.

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SOURCE: Alliance News

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