Can Fingerprints Help Identify What Kind of Learner You Are?


What if you were given a blueprint of your mind? Like a map showing how you learn and what areas you are built to excel?

Based on multiple intelligence research by Harvard Professor Howard Gardner, a new testing system was formed called the “Innate Intellect Evaluation.”

How it Works
Human behavior specialist and CEO of Like it Matters Scott Black has studied Gardner’s intelligence research and is now helping others.

“Here’s how the process works, I capture your fingerprints and within 24 to 48 hours I have a 36-page report that not only identifies eight intellects but how that person processes visually, auditorily, or kinesthetically,” Black said.

There are five things that are unique to each human being: DNA, eye cornea, brain map, life experience, and fingerprints.

Human fingerprints form between week 13 and 21 of a baby’s development in the womb. The unique designs in human fingers are connected to specific lobes of the brain. These determine how people learn and process information.

“God made a mimeograph, a copy, a ditto: each one of these prints on your finger is the exact map of the brain lobe that its connected to. Five fingers: five lobes,” Black said.

Each lobe controls a specific type of learning skill. Through this testing, you can identify what areas of our brains are more dominant and active.

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Angela Zatopek

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