Award-Winning Gospel Group Virtue Returns from Hiatus With “You Are” Single


Dove Award-winning, Grammy and Stellar award nominated contemporary gospel group Virtue is back from their almost eight-year hiatus with a new single releasing Nov. 4 entitled “You Are.” The single is a preview of a new album due out Spring 2015.

Sisters Ebony Holland, Heather Martin and Karima Kibble have been making music together for nearly 20 years. Known for their harmony, the trio has been performing since the 90s and recorded hits such as “Get Ready,” “You Just Be You,” and “Give Him the Praises.”

The trio last released an album,Testimony, in 2006. Since then sisters Ebony, Heather and Karima have become mothers, pursued other jobs and moved to different parts of the country. Even as they lived their separate lives, they all knew one day they would sing again. Heather told The Christian Post, “God said this is a part of your purpose.” So after lots of praying and the backing of a special benefactor, the women have returned to the studio.

They say long-time fans should expect to see a deeper, more spiritually mature side in their music brought on not only by their growing families but also personal pain. “Over that time (off) we have lost first our sister to alcohol, we’ve lost our father to alcohol and then our grandmother this summer that just passed and that’s been three in a row,” said Ebony. “Just going through those experiences I’ve just wanted to be in the word more.”

Heather said she has made several trips to the hospital due to her four children’s food allergies. She shared, “It may sound trivial to some people but it’s really been a trial for me.”

In this interview with The Christian Post, the group shares more about their return to the studio and what old and new fans have to look forward to in their upcoming album.

Christian Post: Tell me about the significance of your new single “You Are.” I heard that the song has become something of an anthem for the group.

Ebony: When we first heard it, we fell in love with it just because of the words. Sometimes you want to be so deep when you’re talking to God but these are just simple words and it really just says, ‘hey you are the alpha and you are the omega. I mean you are our everything and when we’re drowning, when we can’t breathe, you are there for us.’ So I mean it’s just what’s going on in our lives at the time and He at the time has always been there for us but He’s our everything and we just love, love, love this song

CP: I heard this song was special because someone close to you had brain cancer.

Ebony: I’m a school teacher. I teach first grade and at my school, there was a little boy. He was in pre-k and at the time he was just going through all the radiation and chemotherapy and his mother was just so strong throughout the whole thing and just her faith gave me strength and when we recorded that song, it was my anthem to get through it – to get through the whole situation of trying to talk to the kids in the classroom and letting them know that all things happen for a reason and God is still going to be God and He’s going to love us no matter what and basically that’s what that song is saying. We should just trust Him because He’s our everything. No matter what we’re going through He is.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Stephanie Samuel

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