16-Year-Old Detroit Teen Brutally Beaten by 12 Other Kids Over a Pair of Nike Sneakers

Nike Air Force 1  TWITTER
Nike Air Force 1

Willie Wallace, 16, was beaten by as many as 12 students for his $130 Nike Air Force 1 shoes. A Detroit teen was brutally beaten by up to 12 students last Wednesday for his $130 Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, commonly referred to as “Uptowns.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, some older students at Allen Academy tried to take 16-year-old Willie Wallace’s sneakers sometime last month. Those students and Willie were suspended over that altercation. According to his mother, Sylvia Simmons, Willie was on his way to his last class when some of the students attacked him during this second encounter in retaliation for the suspension.

Simmons told the Free Press that her son was sucker punched in the jaw while walking to class. When he fell into the classroom, more students “jumped” him, she said.

“He has a fractured skull, he has blood on his brain and he bit half of his tongue off” during a seizure, Simmons told the Free Press. “But he’s off the ventilator, thank God for that, and [Saturday] they’re going to do the first surgery on his jaw so he can breathe properly and swallow properly.” According to the newspaper, Willie was listed in serious but stable condition as of Friday.

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Source: The Root

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