“The Hell House Experience”: If You Missed this Free Halloween Children’s E-book, Click Here to Read It Now

The Hell House Experience
The Hell House Experience

Menzie and Makala were best friends and on Halloween night they go through an experience that will change their lives forever…

When Menzie invites her best friend, Makala, to attend a Halloween night event at her church, Makala says yes. What she doesn’t know is that she is about to go through a terifying ordeal that will ultimately lead her to give her life to Christ.

Includes additional resources for discussions about Hell, sin, salvation through Jesus Christ, and living the Christian life.

Story by Danita Whyte
Pictures by Daniqua Whyte
with Danae`, Danyel, and Danyelle Whyte
Full-color, Illustrated Paperback

Click here to read now.

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