Apple Watch Reportedly Coming Spring 2015


We know that the Apple Watch is coming in 2015, but when? Tim Cook has declined to elaborate during recent public presentations, but Cupertino’s retail chief, Angela Ahrendts, says we can expect the connected timepiece by spring.

In the leaked transcript of a voice message shared with retail employees, Ahrendts said the Apple Watch will hit shelves “in the spring,” after the Chinese New Year.

“You guys were hired because you’re the best people in the world,” Ahrendts said in her message. “And you know how to service customers. But we’re sprinting a marathon right now, and it’s not going to stop.”

First on the agenda is the holiday shopping season, which Cupertino no doubt hopes be a success thanks to its new iPhone and iPad lineups. Overseas employees must then prepare for the company’s Chinese New Year sale, which begins Feb. 19.

Then, once the dust has settled, Apple is expected to release its $349 wristwatch, which comes in three versions, with different bands: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition.

“I really wanted to say, stop for a moment, take a breath,” Ahrendts’ message said. “Realize that every customer you touch—and again I know you know this, but you’re really busy—so just every customer that you touch, how do you make sure that they will walk away feeling very different, very positive, than before they walked into that store or they interacted with you?”

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Stephanie Mlot

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