Bluewater Productions Biography Comic Features Herman Cain


Herman Cain may not be in the public eye as much nowadays, as we approach Tuesday’s (11-04-14) mid-term elections, but the former presidential candidate has become popular enough to join the likes of Batman and Superman and the Avengers in the world of comic books.

Cain will receive a special birthday gift when Bluewater Productions has released “Political Power: Herman Cain,” an illustrated version of his life story. The issue, written by comic book biographer Jim Beard with art by Kurt Belcher, highlights Cain’s beginnings as the son of menial labor workers while chronicling his rise from fast-food worker to pizza mogul, Presidential candidate and beyond.

The business mogul and Tea Party activist is the latest in a string of business people, who have been featured in Bluewater Productions comics over the years. Among those profiled are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mikhail Prokhorov, Google creators, Sergey Brin and Larry Page and Jack Dorsey.

“Some of the most of the interesting stories don’t come from Hollywood but from the business news world. People like Herman Cain, Howard Schultz, Mark Zuckerberg, created unique cultural touchstone that have more entering value than the latest single from a pop single. Their stories are America’s myths,” said publisher, Darren G. Davis, who confessed to waiting for the right time to put Cain in the Bluewater Productions spotlight. “We wanted to tell Cain’s story now that all the media from the previous presidential election is over. This is a man whose life story shows drive, ambition and redemption.”

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