Robert L. Bostic Releases New Book Encouraging People to Trust God In Every Area of Life


Trusting God seems quite easy to do, right? Well, it is, but many people, even Christians struggle to let God have control and to trust God with their time, money, family members, resources, and their very lives. It’s hard to be able to really trust in such a dishonest, disloyal world. But God is trustworthy, dependable, Someone who can be trusted at all times and in all things.

In the pages of #JESUS…Wow…Trusting God Works! author, Robert L. Bostic, takes readers on his own personal journey of learning to trust God and reaping the benefits of doing so. Despite personal loss and the grief and heartbreak that comes with that, he shares how he has found peace that passes understanding, joy unspeakable, and satisfaction by turning everything in his life over to God. #JESUS…Wow…Trusting God Works! is Robert L. Bostic’s spiritual journey and it will inspire, encourage, enlighten, and bring hope as well as a sense of meaning to the life of those who want to not only know God but who want to know Him for real.

Bob Bostic is a retired man reared in the Midwest agricultural/business community of Greensburg, Indiana, now living in retirement in the deep South enjoying the “fruits of life” despite personal and financial loss along his journey.

To book Bob Bostic for speaking engagements and/or book signings, please email:

#JESUS: Wow… Trusting God Works! is available on

SOURCE: Vision Public Relations Group

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