Pew Research says Cyberattacks Will Increase Over Next 10 Years


Cyberattacks are likely to increase in the next 10 years, but effective counter measures will minimize damage, a new study found.

The Pew Research Center and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center surveyed more than 1,600 experts and Internet builders about the state of cybersecurity and found that 61 percent of them believe a major attack causing widespread harm would occur by 2025, according to “Digital Life in 2025,” (pdf) released Oct. 29.

The Internet’s expansion and growing use of it – especially as critical infrastructure for defense, energy, health and finance – are contributing to the problem, the report states. Many respondents said essential utilities are among the most vulnerable targets, and most agreed that individuals’ accounts and identities will be more vulnerable to attacks in the future, while businesses will be under constant attack.

“I would not say that a major cyber attack will have caused widespread harm to a nation’s security and capacity to defend itself and its people, but the risks will be there,” said respondent Dave Kissoondoyal, chief executive officer of KMP Global, according to the report. “By 2025, there will be widespread use of cyber terrorism and countries will spend a lot of money on cyber security.”

Other experts were less sure of an impending attack, citing progress in security fixes and standards. Some also said that the threat of retaliation will be a sufficient deterrent, while others cautioned against buying into cyber hype.

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