NASA, Lockheed Martin Successfully Assemble and Test Orion Spacecraft


Lockheed Martin, in collaboration with NASA have finally succeeded in assembling and testing the Orion spacecraft, which is planned to remain inside NASA’s Launch Abort System facility, located at Kennedy Space Center until its launch in November from pas 37.

“An empty shell of a spacecraft arrived to Kennedy Space Center two years ago, and now we have a fully assembled Orion standing 72 feet tall,”

Michael Hawes, Lockheed Martin Orion program manager said.

“We’re ready to launch it into space and test every inch.”

he added.

Orion is NASA’s first spacecraft meant to carry humans on long-duration missions in deep space exploration. They will reach interplanetary destinations beyond low Earth orbit and also return home safely. The spacecraft’s assembly stages included installing Orion’s Ogive panels, which contribute to the crew module’s protection from harsh acoustic and vibration environments during launches and ascent.

Engineers constructed the spacecraft so that it may carry a crew of six astronauts and that it meets the requirements of lunar and asteroid missions. The spacecraft possesses a cutting edge heat shield, part of its radiation protection equipment, which will repel solar flares and cosmic rays, and can extend this protection for missions up to six or seven months.

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Justin Chase

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