FTC says Leading Online Dating Firm Created Fake Profiles to Entice People to Sign-Up


For online daters worrying why their searches for true love have been bringing home nothing but false hope, the FTC may have an explanation. According to the commission, daters have been duped in a pretty big way by the world’s leading online dating firm, which apparently used fake profiles to tempt romantic types into signing up in the first place.

The fraudulent profiles were cooked up to appeal to newcomers and make them thing their ideal partners were waiting for them. In reality however, they were nothing more than computer-generated fakes.

In addition to faking it in order to boost sign ups, the FTC also states that JDI dating fooled “users into upgrading to paid memberships and charging these members a recurring monthly fee without their consent.”

The FTC’s complaint concerns the way in which JDI misled newcomers into thinking there were supremely compatible members already signed up and waiting to hear from them, though made it impossible for messages to be exchanged without signing up for a paid account. In addition, those choosing to sign up were apparently not required to consult the terms and conditions in which all payment obligations and account restrictions were laid out.

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