Former Mars Hill Pastor Steve Tompkins Apologizes to Church Members for His Conduct

Mars Hill Pastor Steve Tompkins
Mars Hill Pastor Steve Tompkins

Steve Tompkins, the former pastor of Mars Hill Church Shoreline and current Mars Hill director of schools, has written an apology to church members for his conduct.

“I am deeply sorry that so many people have experienced profound hurt over the years at Mars Hill,” Tompkins wrote. “I also realise that in my role as an elder, including as Lead Pastor at Shoreline, I share responsibility and complicity in some of the ways you have been hurt, disappointed, and sinned against at Mars Hill.”

Tompkins admits “to the hurt of faith and trusting, members, attenders and leaders” in his effort to attain ministerial success.

“There are so many things I frankly did not see. Looking back prayerfully however, I now realise there were also a few situations where I did see but did not speak up or stand up when I should have. My silence in those situations was sinful and cowardly. In our coercive culture of fear I gave in to fear of man,” Tompkins wrote.

The former pastor also called for other leaders to take responsibility for their failings.

“Apologies need to be given in person where possible. Now is the time for genuine open-hearted face-to-face repentance,” Tompkins wrote.

SOURCE: Christian Headlines
Carrie Dedrick

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