EEW Magazine President Dianna Hobbs Hired by Lamp Mode Christian Rap Label

EEW Magazine President Dianna Hobbs
EEW Magazine President Dianna Hobbs

When Jason “Json” Watson took over the reins of Lamp Mode in early 2014, he shared his plans to give the veteran Christian rap label a major overhaul.

In keeping with his promise, the forward-thinking leader made a historic move by adding award-winning urban faith-based media specialist, Dianna Hobbs—the brand’s first ever female executive staff member—to the team.

As the Director of Strategic Communications for the label, Hobbs, Founder and President of EEW Magazine, the leading web publication for women of faith and color, is responsible for providing a mix of branding, strategic planning and marketing services.

“Lamp Mode is really excited to add Mrs. Hobbs to our team. Upon meeting her, it became clear that she shares the same heart and burden to make much of Jesus in the culture,” said Watson in a statement.

He continued, “Dianna has been awesome to work with. She’s already brought a lot to the table that we’re benefiting from and that the public will benefit from in the future.”

Expressing her thoughts about the new relationship, Hobbs said, “Jason is an amazing visionary with a real focus on strategically sharing the Gospel. He has been incredibly gracious and welcoming, allowing me the liberty to bring a new perspective and method to such a respected and established organization.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine

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