Brooklyn Tabernacle Pastor Jim Cymbala Predicts Hostility Towards Christianity Will Increase, But We Can’t Let the Light Go Out

Pastor Jim Cymbala

America’s Christian population is dwindling but one well-known pastor says we can’t let the light go out.

Jim Cymbala, pastor of The Brooklyn Tabernacle, shared grim statistics in an October 29 interview on the “Today’s Issues” program on American Family Radio.

He said four different polls show the percentage of “biblically defined” Christians in the United States is no higher than nine percent of the population.

“Not those who go to church,” said Cymbala, “not those that believe that believe in ‘the man upstairs’ etc., but as defined in the New Testament of what a Christian is.”

Cymbala was interviewed about his new book, “Storm: Hearing Jesus for The Times We Live In.”

A description of the book says it uses stories of transformed lives to “strike a note of encouragement and hope” for Christians, even though Cymbala predicts hostility towards Christianity will increase in coming months and years.

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Chris Woodward

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