Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett Fakes Black Supporter to Increase Numbers

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett Fakes Black Supporter to Increase Numbers

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has edited a Black woman into his campaign ad in an attempt to win back some of the minority vote.

The politician is campaigning for re-election and the race for office was not looking for him as he’s had trouble getting ethnic voters to cast their ballot for him. Tom was just having trouble connecting with citizens of color—and we’re not just talking about Black people.

In 2013, he told “Al Dia” newspaper that although he didn’t have any Latino members of his cabinet, he was open to having them on the team. “If you can find us one, please let us know,” he stated. Well…at least it wasn’t as bad as Mitt Romney and his binders full of women.

In another attempt to show that he’s totally down, the Republican thought it would be a good idea to add a little color to one of his campaign ads by photoshopping in a Black woman who wasn’t there before. The picture in question has since been yanked, but click here to see it for yourself!

Anyone with an eye for detail could tell that the Black women in the picture didn’t belong. Not for any social reason, mind you, she just didn’t look like she actually took that picture with the group. The quality of the photograph is different, and the lighting pattern is completely opposite of everything else and she was a lot brighter than everyone else in the shot!

Something about the whole display was just off. Buzzfeed did a little digging and confirmed that she didn’t take the same picture as everyone else because she is, in fact, a stock photography model!

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Source: Black America Web |  Sonya Eskridge

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