Janay Rice Responds to Halloween Costumes On Social Media Mocking her Beat Down


Embattled and exiled running back Ray Rice is fighting for his right to return to the Baltimore Ravens or some other team within the National Football League. His wife, Janay Rice, is still fighting in her return to dignity and self respect.

Janay Rice, who was infamously knocked unconscious in a now-defunct New Jersey casino elevator in February, has been the object of inhumane mockery by callous, thoughtless Halloween partiers as if her near-death beat down is a joke.

The sharp knife of shame was plunged deeper into Janay Rice’s soul as she had to observe a social media posting of a man who dressed as her husband in uniform while he drags a black blow-up doll face down on the ground, mocking Janay Rice’s unconsciousness.

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SOURCE: New Pittsburgh Courier Online – Terry Shropshire

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