Sad: 6-Year-Old Girl Shopping with her Father for Bubble Gum Gets Shot and Killed by Kansas City Gunmen

Angel Hooper

Angel Hooper and her dad were going to get snacks from a local 7-Eleven when shooters opened fire, killing the first-grader. Kansas City, Mo., first-grader Angel Hooper and her father, Booker Hooper, set off to a 7-Eleven gas station to pick up some bubble gum after a Friday-evening jog when, police say, a passing vehicle opened fire, shooting into the parking lot.

“Before he could grab her and take her to the ground, she was already on the ground. She passed away,” Angel’s mother, Charity Guinn, told KCTV.

According to several news sources, the 6-year-old died en route to the hospital from a shot to the head. She was not the intended target. The shooting has sparked outrage among Kansas City residents and police who have grown tired of senseless murders. Protesters have taken to demonstrating in front of the store to demand an end to gun violence.

“Criminals are no longer just killing each other—they are killing our children,” Kansas City Mayor Sly James said in a statement Saturday, KCTV reports. “This nonsense must end.”

Kansas City police have been tirelessly viewing video-surveillance footage for clues that might lead to an arrest, but as of Monday, KCTV notes, they have received only two calls about the crime.

“Angel has all the power of the Kansas City Police Department behind her,” Maj. Karl Oakman, commander of the Police Department’s South Patrol Division, said during a press conference, the Associated Press reports. He also noted that police and investigators would not rest until the person responsible was found. “Wherever you are, we will find you,” he added.

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