Aunt Says Darren Wilson Will ‘Feel the Wrath of God’s Vengeance’ for Murdering Michael Brown

Anger: Sheryl Davis, left, with husband Eric, told MailOnline that Wilson will suffer retribution in a 'mighty way'
Anger: Sheryl Davis, left, with husband Eric, told MailOnline that Wilson will suffer retribution in a ‘mighty way’

The family of Michael Brown have said that the cop who shot him dead will ‘feel the wrath of God’s vengeance’ after the officer claimed he was acting in self defense.

Sheryl Davis, Brown’s aunt, told MailOnline that she believes Darren Wilson committed murder and that he will suffer retribution in a ‘mighty way’.

She said that Wilson’s actions were ‘evil’ and that he will be punished by a higher power for what he did – even if he is cleared.

Her comments are the most outspoken yet from Brown’s family since Wilson’s account of what happened was published in the New York Times at the weekend.

The testimony – and alleged forensic evidence – has been described by experts as helpful to his defense and has provoked fresh outrage from the teenager’s family and supporters.

Wilson shot dead Brown, 18, on August 9, in Ferguson, a suburb of St Louis in Missouri, sparking nearly two weeks of violent protests and rioting.

Unrest has continued since then as a grand jury decides whether it will indict Wilson. A decision is expected next month.

Speaking to MailOnline Davis said: ‘It’s murder and they will feel and see the wrath of God’s vengeance come upon them in a mighty way, just as he promised all who do evil in his sight.’

Wilson’s account gave the first insight into what he told the grand jury during his four-hour testimony in September, a process which is held in secret.

He supposedly said that Brown pushed him back into his police SUV as he was trying to get out and pinned him down.

At that point Wilson reached for his gun and fired two shots, one of which hit Brown – his blood was found inside the car.

The account did not explain why Wilson then shot Brown five more times in the front as, according to some witnesses, he put his hands in the air to surrender.

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SOURCE: DailyMail
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