President Obama Votes Early in Chicago

President Obama (Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI, AFP/Getty Images)
President Obama

Another Democratic vote in Chicago.

President Obama cast his ballot near his South Side home Monday, telling reporters that he was representing “the most important office in democracy — the office of citizen.”

After greeting his neighbors at the Dr. Martin Luther King Community Service Center — “how are you! nice to see you!” — Obama told clerks that “I’m glad I can early vote.”

Turning to the press pool, Obama said, “I love voting. Everybody in Illinois, early vote. It’s a wonderful opportunity.”

The national Election Day is Nov. 4.

As he leaned over the table holding the voting machine, Obama joked, “I will say this is made for folks who are a little short.”

Obama did not tell reporters who he vote for, but we can probably guess it was a straight Democratic ticket.

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SOURCE: USA Today – David Jackson

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