Hannah Graham Searcher Says He Felt ‘God Wanted’ Them to Find the Human Remains


‘God wanted’ them to find what they found.

The Chesterfield Sheriff’s Department sergeant who discovered human remains while searching for missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham talked to our sister station WTVR.

Sgt. Dale Terry told them his team had been searching when something came over him to check nearby properties. “I don’t know how else to explain it. Something inside me just told me to continue to look.”

Human remains were found behind a vacant home in a dried-up creek bed.

Terry said the vertebrae bone appeared long and consistent with a tall person’s body. He said the body was not buried and its location was not far from the road.

He said his search team felt compelled to volunteer to find Hannah Graham in an effort to bring closure and justice for her family.

“We stayed positive, upbeat,” he said. “We knew we were here for a mission to bring closure and hopefully that’s what we’ve done.”

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