Michael Franzese Talks About his Life in the Mafia and his New Movie, “God the Father”

"God the Father" Movie banner. (PHOTO: GODTHEFATHERMOVIE.COM)
“God the Father” Movie banner. (PHOTO: GODTHEFATHERMOVIE.COM)

Ex-Colombo Crime family captain and Christian motivational speaker Michael Franzese recently spoke with CP Voice regarding his new autobiographical film “God the Father,” and the possibility of preaching the Gospel to mobsters he had worked with.

“God the Father” represents a play on words from the American mafia classic “The Godfather.” During the film, Franzese tells his life story growing up in the mob which eventually lead to a top position in the organization’s Colombo family. It also discusses the turning point in his life when he accepted Jesus Christ and turned away from his old ways.

During the CP Voice segment, Franzese talked about what it was like when he made that decision to commit his life to Jesus, and if he ever tried to witness to other mob members

“I’ve been asked many times have I ever been able to witness to any of my former associates and on occasion I do. The opportunity is not always there and you’ve got to be careful in those circumstances,” said Franzese to CP. “It wouldn’t be wise for me to go to the social clubs that I used to live in and say, ‘hey guys, I want to share the gospel with you.’ I probably wouldn’t last 24 hours.”

He addressed what it was like to walk away from the mob life in more detail.

“There’s no blueprint for walking away from my life publicly like I did,” said Franzese. “For me, if you know the course that God navigated for me throughout these past 20 years, you would know that this had to be a God thing. I had no plan. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. Nobody said to me, ‘OK Mike, these are the steps you’ve got to follow.’ It was just my instinct, knowing my former life and working step-by-step with what God wanted me to do.”

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