How to Spot a Homeschool “Expert”

How to Spot a Homeschool Expert

Jesus replied, “You teachers are also in for trouble! You load people down with heavy burdens, but you won’t lift a finger to help them carry the loads”(Luke 11:46).

“Why do homeschoolers put up with being talked to this way?!” I exclaimed. I was tempted to fling the book I was reading across the room, except for the fact that it was on my Kindle. In the midst of a very popular book by a very popular speaker that could simply have been subtitled “The Only Way to Raise Perfectly Righteous Children,” I was incensed.

As a military family, we’ve lived overseas for over half of the past decade, twice in fairly remote areas of the world. I hadn’t realized how out of touch with the current homeschooling scene we’d gotten until we came back to the U.S. and had access again to conventions, books, and products. And I’m noticing something interesting. There seem to be a plethora of “experts” who feel they know best how you should raise your children, not to mention what sort of church you ought to attend, and exactly how you should homeschool…in fact, some of them have litmus tests for every possible move a Christian could make. In superior tones, they prescribe what your family ought to be doing and heap on unnecessary guilt.

Frankly, it can be exhausting.

Should my kids go to college? What curriculum should we use? Skirts or pants? What sort of church should we attend? SHOULD we attend church, or simply home church? While some of these may be worthwhile questions, they are matters of personal preference and conviction, and not ones that anyone should determine for another family.

I’m realizing that we were blessed to begin homeschooling in what I’m fondly remembering as the Golden Age of Homeschooling. Not quite pioneers, we had resources available, but not so many as to be overwhelming, either. Those who’d gone before us convinced me that we could educate our children with a good math program and a library card (and I’ll be honest, that’s what we did for a lot of years!). It was an exhilarating, freeing, and family-friendly message.

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Source: Crosswalk | Jennifer McDonald, Homeschool Enrichment

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