Ministry Sets Up Tent in Washington D.C. to Hold 50 Days of 24/7 Prayer and Worship Until Midterm Elections

David's Tent DC features 24/7 worship for 50 days—right outside the White House. (Facebook)
David’s Tent DC features 24/7 worship for 50 days—right outside the White House. (Facebook)

Late last month, a 50-day, 24/7 outdoor worship service kicked off in Washington, D.C.—right outside the White House, where President Obama and his family reside. 

For the third straight year, David’s Tent DC invites all to join in nonstop worship and prayer that began on Sept. 15 and will conclude on Nov. 4, Election Day. EWTN reports on this ecumenical, nonpartisan effort:

“David’s Tent is a love song to the heart of the Father, lasting 1,200 hours total this year,” says founder Jason Hershey. “The issue at stake here is valuing Jesus as He should be valued—this is a 24/7 worship service for 50 days, simply because Jesus is worthy of it. David, even as a young shepherd boy, understood that God was the most important thing to his life!”

Hershey serves as director of Youth With A Mission-DC, the team primarily involved in staffing the worship service around-the-clock. They have experienced significant favor with government agencies who monitor the area.

“We are honored to be here at the privilege of the National Park Service,” Hershey notes. “They’ve been great to work with throughout the permitting process.”

More than 200 worship teams from across America are expected to take part in leading this year. The first two years of David’s Tent DC, the project ran for 40 days and nights; in total, over 50,000 people have joined in the song since 2012 according to the group.

While David’s Tent DC is not about engaging in politics—its official website states, “Loving Jesus is our only agenda”—Hershey reveals how this 24/7 worship effort coincides with standing for life in a statement to Bound4LIFE:

“What we have introduced this year at David’s Tent is Ezra’s Platform, an area where people can come and read aloud from God’s Word. Within our first 10 days, we proclaimed all the way through from Genesis to Revelation; now we’re reading it again day and night, alongside songs of worship.

“In the Bible, there is a clear record of David’s greatest hits: the Psalms. Psalm 139 is a song we must sing! The message of life comes through crystal clear, without any commentary needed. King David knew the truth on life, that’s for sure. Let’s sing the song!

“As we worship Jesus, we are filled with hope that He is on the move to give us life and life abundant.”

On its blog, the team regularly shares stories of tourists and Washington, D.C., residents being changed by what they experience at David’s Tent DC. All are welcome to participate, day or night on the White House Ellipse, through Nov. 4.

SOURCE: Josh M. Shepherd
Charisma News

Josh M. Shepherd has served in communications/marketing roles for the past 10 years at Focus on the Family and The Heritage Foundation.

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