How to Build and Keep Your Confidence

How to Build and Keep Your Confidence

Many of us have limiting beliefs about ourselves in at least one area of our lives. These limiting beliefs lead to a decrease in confidence. You may be an expert and thriving in one area of your life, but in other areas you may lack confidence for a variety of reasons. Often we know that in order to be successful we must be more confident, but the question is, how can we gain confidence, and keep it?

Use Caution With Your Self-Talk

You may have gotten stuck on thinking the same things about yourself for so long that you aren’t aware of tools that make your self-talk more positive.

“Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.” —Lisa M. Hayes

Person 1: I don’t think I can do this. I failed last time. I always mess up. I’m not sure I’ll make it. Maybe I wasn’t made for this.

Person 2: I got this. I will nail it. I will succeed. I’m so proud of myself. I knew I would get this far.

Between Person 1 and Person 2, who do you think will achieve their goal? This is not a trick question. The answer is, Person 2. The messages that you repeatedly send to yourself day in and day out reflect your ability to see opportunity—the willingness to act on this seen opportunity—and ultimately your success.

Action:  Stop thoughts that are limiting and self-defeating. Cut your negative thoughts immediately and replace with words that are positive and confident. The more you repeatedly send positive messages to yourself, the more confident you will become.

Stop Comparing

At some time, we have all tried to act like someone else. The one thing that we found: we could not actually be them. Their past is different, their biology is different, and there is a lot you don’t know about what they’re portraying to the world.

Exhausting energy on trying to be something that you’re not, or fighting day in and out for someone else’s approval will minimize self-confidence. When you compare yourself, you are now set in a direct line for failure and feelings of guilt. These feelings only push away confidence.

Action:  Shift the attention (that you’re wasting on comparisons) back to you and your goals and you will instantly see an increase in self-confidence.

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Source: MSN | Forbes | Jaime Kulaga

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