‘Hollywood Diva’ Paula Jai Parker Reveals She Is Homeless

Paula Jai Parker

The season premiere of TV One’s highly anticipated new series “Hollywood Divas” aired last night and fans were immediately shocked to find out one of the divas — Paula Jai Parker (“Hustle & Flow,” “Friday,” “The Proud Family”) — was homeless and living in an extended stay hotel with her son Onederful and husband Forrest. Unlike many Black actresses who can’t find work due to limited roles in Hollywood, Paula attributes her flailing career to being “blackballed.” Girl, please.

Paula revealed that she married an “outsider.” Her husband Forrest was a production assistant on the set of “Hustle & Flow,” and she says “I just never expected it to be so harsh. I never expected to be shut out.” After drying our eyes, several questions ran through our mind. How? Why?

While we don’t know the full story (we’ll be tuned in every Wednesday to find out), something isn’t quite adding up. Instead of spending money on an extended stay hotel, why not get a cheap apartment? Secondly, why wasn’t Forrest at work? Or are we reaching?

Paula eventually met up with Elise Neal (“The Hugleys”), who was working on her own Pussy Cat Dolls-like production “Elise and Assorted Flavors,” where she revealed that she was homeless. Like us, Elise was shocked by the news. Elise learned that Paula blamed her situation on being “blackballed” from the industry, to which she responded (in the confessional, of course) “I 100 percent do not think that Paula Jai Parker or her husband was blackballed in the industry. In my opinion, she doesn’t take the time to nurture relationships.”

Paula and Elise seem like friends as they comfort one another, but feelings change in an instance when the ladies are in the confessional. “Your level? Ad what level would that be sweetie? You always thought you were better than you actually are,” Paula said shading Elise.

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SOURCE: The Yolanda Adams Morning Show
Shamika Sanders

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