Great Grandmothers Fist Fight In Hospital Maternity Ward

Photo Credit: KDKA
Photo Credit: KDKA

The birth of a baby brought out the worst in two great-grandmothers after they came to blows in the maternity ward.

Police say first words were exchanged, and then fists, until the great-grandmothers were kicked out of the hospital.

It happened at Heritage Valley Beaver Hospital.

The criminal complaint says a great grandmother allegedly started a fight all because of a comment that was made by another relative.

The incident happened on August 31 in Brighton Township.

According to the criminal complaint, Shirley Irvin, 72, of Enon Valley, was waiting for her great grandkids to be born.

Her grandson is the father of the twins.

Other relatives were in the waiting room with her including Carole Alberts, the great grandmother of the woman giving birth.

The complaint says Alberts made a comment to her daughter stating that she was worried about her great grand babies.

Irvin overheard the comment.

Alberts says Irvin approached her and they started arguing.

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Amy Wadas

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