Carvin, Marvin and Bebe Winans Release ‘Foreign Land’ to Rave Reviews

Carvin, Marvin and Bebe Winans
Carvin, Marvin and Bebe Winans

Over the last 40+ years, the Winans family has appeared in one grouping or another. Now, for the first time, a trio is on the scene.

3 Winans Brothers, comprised of Carvin, Marvin and Bebe Winans, just released “Foreign Land” and the reviews are nothing but positive.

The album, written entirely by the brothers, features the hit singles, “Move in Me” and “If God Be For Us,” along with the newest track, “I Really Miss You.”

”If you need soothing sounds, if you like great stories that you’ll find close to your circumstances or if you lost someone you loved, then you need to pick this album up,” said Bebe, who recruited his brothers to form the group.

Sharing similar thoughts, Carvin said, “I think when you get this album, you’ll be helped by whatever you’re going through.  We’ve always tried to put our best foot forward in music and people can expect us to bring good music and a message to the masses that lifts them up.

”I try to write from everyday experiences that I’m going through.  When you write what God gives you, you learn that you’re not the only one going through trials and tribulations.”

The title track, “Foreign Land,” comes from a song Marvin wrote, but never recorded, more than 30 years ago.  Since it was always a favorite of Bebe’s, he suggested they include it on the album.

”To me, [the title] represents all of our journeys and simply lets us know that this is not it.  We’re just traveling through here and we have another home where there’s no tears or fears.  This earth is just a foreign land,” explained Bebe.

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Source: LA Sentinel

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