Can You Guess the Top Grossing Black Movie Director?

Can You Guess the Top Grossing Black Movie Director

Black Hollywood’s best kept secret or completely underrated?

Tim Story‘s name might not resonate with the public or audiences of major black films like Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels or Steve McQueen, but he’s here — making major bucks with his films, which the box office loves.

Nevertheless, it seems as though the LA Times was on to something, no one seems to know who he is two years after bringing the matter to light.

He’s behind some of the major black comedies of the last decade. The Think Like a Man  and Ride Along franchises which have brought in several hundred million at the box office.

Ultimately, the lack thereof knowledge about this  director is kind of baffling compared to other directors — black or white. Although many black directors are known, he’s not! He’s grossed much more than most black directors, but he’s not only on a lower level of fame, but he doesn’t match the recognition of any white director gets for their box office traction.

With other hits like the Fantastic Four series and Barbershop under his belt, his box office gross for those three films alone combined estimate at $697 million, which include the critically and commercially successful indie black comedy, and two commercially successful superhero flicks.

So why isn’t he known?

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Source: EURWeb

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