Actress Misty Upham Is Missing


Authorities in Washington state are still searching for the missing Misty Upham, who has appeared onscreen alongside Oscar winners in films like 2013’s August Osage County and 2008’s Frozen River, The Hollywood Reporter says.

Upham, 33, who played the family housekeeper inOsage, was last seen near her apartment in Auburn, south of Seattle, on Oct. 5; her father reported her missing the following day. When Auburn police went to check on her, it looked as though she had packed up and left.

The police did not comply with her father’s wish to officially list her as a missing person because she appears to have left of her own volition, and therefore her disappearance does not seem ” “unexplainable, involuntary or suspicious,” as required by state law. Therefore, no resources have been assigned to her case.

Therefore, the Upham family is relying on the media and Facebook to alert the public about their missing daughter.

Mental health issues are a concern in her case; she had made past suicide threats and had recently changed her medication, which can lead to erratic behavior. The family has not said exactly what medical condition she has. She had recently relocated from Los Angeles to be near her father, who was recovering from a stroke, and did not yet have a medical team in place to keep watch over her.

Charles Upham told The Hollywood Reporter that he grew concerned after a recent phone call from his daughter. “She told me and her mom that we didn’t have to worry about her anymore. … I thought it sounded suicidal myself, so I called the police. She’s always been a suicidal person.”

The Native American actress, who received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for her role as a human trafficker in Frozen River, will next be seen onscreen with Jennifer Aniston in Cake.

SOURCE: USA Today – Jayme Deerwester

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