Gordon College Officials Made It Clear They Have No Intention of Changing Its Policy on Homosexuality


In response to my Oct. 3 column, “Gordon College, Don’t Sell Your Soul for Secular Accreditation,” a representative of the school reached out to me with some very positive news, assuring me that the school has no intention of changing its policy on homosexual practice.

First, I was referred to a statement by Gordon College President Michael D. Lindsay, quoted in a Sept. 20 interview with the (Gordon) Tartan school newspaper.

In the interview, Lindsay stated that, “I think it would be shortsighted for us as a community to expect, come February, the board is going to make some master pronouncement, and that will be the end-all-be-all. Based on my conversations, I think that the board is currently quite satisfied with our current policy around homosexual behavior.”

So, he was saying that the school was certainly not considering revising its moral policies with regard to homosexual practice. In other words, compromise is not on the table.

At the same time, compassion is certainly on the table, as Lindsay explained, “This episode has brought to the surface a variety of perspectives and some real hurt within our community, and our trustees are people who love our students. We want to think carefully about how do we respond in a loving, graceful, truthful way to that hurt, while at the same time remaining true to the evangelical convictions at the core of our institution.”

On a certain level, that mirrors the philosophy I have followed for the last 10 years of “reach out and resist,” meaning: reach out to the homosexual community with compassion; resist gay activism with courage.

Second, the representative from Gordon College referred me to an article in World Magazine Saturday, quoting Rick Sweeney, Gordon College vice president of Marketing and Communications.

Sweeney said, “As a liberal arts institution, we encourage critical thinking and are open to conversation on issues; we are not open to compromise on our core values. As a Christian college, we strive to be a place of grace and truth—showing compassion for all people while we uphold biblical teaching. Gordon College affirms the historic, orthodox Christian position that homosexual practice is incompatible with the teaching of Scripture.”

With definitive statements like this, it is obvious that retreating from the clear testimony of Scripture is absolutely not an option for the school. Thank God!

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Michael Brown

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