Entrepreneur and Radio Host, Cortney Westbrook, Says the Church Is a Good Place to Address the Problem of Unemployment

Cortney Westbrook
Cortney Westbrook

While many people see government as a solution for improving America’s job situation, an entrepreneur and radio host believes the church is one area that can really make a difference.

At just 27 years of age, Cortney Westbrook runs a multi-faceted company that promotes people and empowers entrepreneurs through information, modern technology and networking. He is also the host of “Up Together,” a motivational and people-building radio show on American Family Radio’s sister network, Urban Family Talk.

“Coming from an entrepreneur, I think people should have jobs. You should earn an honest living,” he submits. “Jobs are great. They help us take care of our responsibilities. I do think sometimes employers do take advantage of employees, and I think that’s going to be across the board in different communities, but that’s why it’s important for Christians to own businesses and be entrepreneurs as well.”

Westbrook’s comments come as unemployment remains near six percent, according to the federal government. And while that is the lowest rate in several years, many people say it does not take into account the people who are not looking for work. Others say it is too high, regardless of the factors.

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow.com
Chris Woodward

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