Over 3,000 People Make a Decision for Christ at Harvest America in Dallas as Greg Laurie Shares the ‘2,000-Year-Old Solution for Stressful Times’

Harvest America 2014 is in the books!

The event was held on Sunday, October 5, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. Over 20,000 people were in attendance with an estimated 3,000 watching from screens outside the basketball/hockey arena. Over 3,900 host locations also streamed the event to audiences around the country with one location reporting about 6,000 in attendance. 

for KING & COUNTRY rocked out the arena with a 30-minute pre-event concert performing songs from their latest album (including the popular “Fix My Eyes”) as well as older fan favorites such as “The Proof of Your Love.”

Speakers and singers were introduced by Levi Lusko, pastor of Fresh Life Church in Montana, who also encouraged the crowd to promote the event via social media. (#HarvestAmerica quickly became the number one trending topic on Twitter in the Dallas area and then a few minutes later in America.)

The event was opened by singing from Phil Wickham and MercyMe. A video testimony from singer and rapper Sonny Sandoval (of the band Payable on Death) was shown. And Pastor Jack Graham, of Dallas’ Prestonwood Baptist Church, led the audience in prayer.

Greg Laurie’s message was titled, “How to Find Your Way Home.” He opened by highlighting the “stressful times” that we live in, and spoke of the Islamic State terrorist group, the Ebola virus (which has put the city where the event was held in the news in recent days), and the nefarious goals of North Korea and Iran, among other issues facing the world.

Drawing from John 14:1-6, he shared with the audience that the only hope they can truly have in this world is that which is found in knowing that they will go to Heaven when they die and that Jesus Christ is coming back one day for them. He called his message a ‘2,000-year-old solution for stressful times given by the Creator himself.’ He shared his own testimony of clinging to God during the period after his son died in a tragic car-accident. Using the words of singer Lana del Rey, Olympic medalist Michael Phelps, and the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, he also emphasized that earthly success and pleasure cannot satisfy completely and will eventually fade.

Addressing skeptics (like he once was), he said, ‘Skepticism is honesty; unbelief is stubbornness. Skepticism is looking for light; unbelief is being content with darkness. A skeptic wants to know for himself. A doubter doubts even in the face of truth.’ He added, ‘”All roads lead to God, but only one road leads to heaven and that’s through Jesus Christ!’

When Laurie gave the invitation for those who wanted to give their lives to Christ to come forward, the large open space (the actual floor where basketball games are played) in front of the platform was quickly filled with people pouring out of the stands and the balcony. Early reports indicated that over 3,000 people made a decision for Christ at the American Airlines Center. The Harvest America Team is collecting reports from locations which hosted the event across the country.

Those who missed the event or wish to share it with family and friends can do so online at  http://harvestamerica.com/webcast/2014/watch.html.


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