Larry Tomczak Shares 5 Things He Would Tell President Obama If He Was His Pastor

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

Recently an armed man breached White House security, leapt over the fence and made his way over 160 feet into the residency of our President and his family. The intruder barreled past a guard and made his way into the unlocked East Room before finally being tackled by an agent.

This represents a picture of the very center of America’s political power with its defenses down, revealing a shockingly vulnerable state. Even our most elite protective security force seemed like hapless Keystone cops in this debacle. It should remind us of times in Israel’s history when God brought judgment upon His people by withdrawing His hedge of protection and positioning them for humiliating defeat unless they repented.

The United States of America is at this tipping point. We are in a watershed moment where the outlook is increasingly grim. This is not pessimism, but realism; yet God in His mercy is extending to us a lifeline of opportunity to see things turned around. Second Chronicles 7:14 says this begins with God’s people humbling themselves and since our President proclaims himself to be a Christian, it is now the time for him to step up and lead the American flock by his example.

If I was his pastor, I would arrange a private meeting in the Oval Office where I would share the following thoughts with him on the pathway to America regaining its greatness under godly leadership.

5 Areas to Address

Mr. President, I am grateful for this time with you. I have specifically prayed for you every single day you’ve been in office. I have served on the board of Intercessors for America for 38 years calling people nationwide to pray for you and our government. Because of the critical times in which we live, we changed our recent board meeting into a prayer meeting where we gathered around the White House to intercede for you and our government.

Here are five areas where I respectfully ask you to humble yourself, acknowledge your errors and rectify the situation.

1. Demonstrate greater teachability.

“Know well the condition of your flocks, give attention to your herds” (Prv.27:23). This is God’s counsel to you in leadership and yet the Government Accountability Institute reports that you have missed almost 60% of your presidential daily briefings! This is unacceptable especially during these days of civilizational crisis.

Pres. Ronald Reagan met regularly in these sessions and his leadership style would be worth emulating. He would obtain a written document on critical issues; discuss with competent leaders the pros and cons; consider all the options; get staff recommendations; and then take time to ponder and return with a solution.

He worked with those of the opposing party (even his number one nemesis, Tip O’Neill, the Speaker of the House) something that you promised to do and yet have clearly not fulfilled. It’s time to change–less golf, vacations and fundraisers and more serious tackling of issues concerning our lives. There is too much at stake to neglect this anymore.

2. Take leadership!

“He who leads, (let him lead) with diligence” (Rom. 12:8, NASB). This is what the Bible tells you. Yet throughout your presidency you appear to be weak, regularly caught off guard, leading from behind, blame shifting, reluctant to make decisions, attempting to appear conciliatory and eager to appease radicalized militants bent on our destruction. (Why do you continue to call the Ft. Hood killing of 13 and the recent Oklahoma beheading “workplace violence” when both murderers proudly proclaim their Muslim identity and support for Islamic militarism?)

When even your loyalists like Bill Maher, Chris Mathews and Jon Stewart are ridiculing your stubbornness in this avoidance of the obvious, isn’t it time to change? Chris “tingle up my leg” Mathews even went so far as to challenge you to get real when he said, “Get tough!”… “Stop being intellectually lazy.” … “Quit listening to the same voices all the time!”

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal explained how the Islamic state is getting stronger and stronger and yet you appear to be so out of touch with reality! Mr. Ryan Crocker, former ambassador to Iraq and Syria, stated that the ISIS situation, “will require something that has been in short supply in this growing crisis: American leadership. This country, and the president personally, must step forward and show the world that we can and will move decisively, collectively and immediately.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Larry Tomczak

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