Losing Weight May Be Good for Your Business

Losing Weight May Be Good for Your Business

Your health impacts your team and the success of your business as a whole. Here are a few ways getting healthy can positively affect you and your organization.

Do these scenarios sound familiar? You’ve got a meeting in the afternoon, so you decide to work through lunch rather than take a break. You skip the gym to finish up a client proposal and stay up late to cram in some extra work. Staying healthy is hard for everyone, but it’s especially challenging for entrepreneurs. You might feel guilty taking time for yourself to work on anything that doesn’t add to your business’s bottom line, but your health isn’t just about you. As the leader of your company, it affects your employees and the success of your business. Here are just a few ways getting healthy can positively affect you and your team:

1. Less stress means better decision-making. According to a Gallup poll, 45 percent of entrepreneurs report feeling stress “yesterday.” Studies show that stress can inhibit decision-making and impair judgment–a sure recipe for disaster. Luckily, exercise has been shown to decrease the harmful effects of stress.

2. Mindfulness reduces your risk of burnout. Scientists have found that exercise can also increase mindfulness, which improves your mood, concentration, and sleep quality. A recent study showed an increase in mindfulness also decreases anxiety, depression, and burnout, specifically among business leaders and entrepreneurs.

3. A healthier you equals a healthier team. Everyone knows exercise helps your immune system fight off certain illnesses. Not only will you bring less sickness into your office, but you’ll also set a good example for your employees. By making your own health a priority, you give your team permission to take care of themselves, too.

4. A focus on health improves employee retention. Studies show that a workplace focused on health increases employee engagement and leads to a higher level of job satisfaction. The leader plays a large role in creating that environment by focusing on his or her health.

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Source: INC |   @VEERGID

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