Florida State University Is Investigating Their Star Quarterback, Jameis Winston, for Rape

Quarterback Jameis Winston allegedly raped a fellow FSU student in 2012. (Photo: Matthew Emmons, USA TODAY Sports)
Quarterback Jameis Winston allegedly raped a fellow FSU student in 2012.
(Photo: Matthew Emmons, USA TODAY Sports)

Florida State is proceeding with a school investigation of Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jameis Winston related to the alleged rape of a fellow FSU student in 2012, an attorney for the woman told USA TODAY Sports. 

Florida State officials traveled to where the woman lives in early August to interview her for the first time since she reported the alleged assault to police in Dec. 2012.

“They assured us that the Title IX process was going to move forward,” said John Clune, a Title IX attorney representing the woman. “The interview went pretty well. I think it was a positive experience, and everyone felt like the university was taking it very seriously.”

Clune said the lengthy interview with his client gave FSU more information than it previously had from the Tallahassee police department investigation. He said FSU officials interviewed two other people but that he does not know if Winston has been interviewed.

“We expect that there will be code of conduct charges that will be brought,” he said. “There’s no basis not to bring those charges now.”

David Cornwell, an Atlanta attorney who is an advisor to Winston and his family, told USA TODAY Sports he expects the investigation to reach a similar outcome as the one conducted by the state attorney that ended in December 2013 without charges being filed against Winston.

“There is clearly a Title IX investigation commenced. There’s no question, but it’s not because the university did something wrong. It’s not because these Colorado lawyers forced them to do something. It is because (the woman) refused to be interviewed previously and now she’s willing to be. That’s the only reason.

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Source: USA Today | Rachel Axon

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