Nancy Writebol Gives God Credit for Healing Her of Ebola

Nancy Writebol / NIGHTLY NEWS
Nancy Writebol / NIGHTLY NEWS

Nancy Writebol, the second American missionary to contract Ebola while in Liberia, said Wednesday she’s thankful to be alive.

After nearly one month of battling the deadly virus, the 59-year-old nurse spoke publicly for the first time about her illness, saying she’s getting stronger with each passing day.

Writebol credits God for her recovery. She, along with fellow missionary Dr. Kent Brantly, was treated at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital before being released in August.

“I wondered at times whether I would live or die,” Writebol said in a press conference. “His presence really was with me — and I knew that, I could sense it. … I am so thankful for His mercy and His grace.”

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