Massachusetts School District Cuts Ties With Christian College For Requesting Exemption From Rule Banning Discrimination Against Homosexuals

Gordon College
Gordon College

A school district in Massachusetts has cut ties with Gordon College, citing its president’s plea for an exemption to a rule preventing federal contractors from discriminating against gay and lesbian people, The Boston Globe reports.

The Lynn School Committee, which governs the city’s public-school district, is the latest institution to protest D. Michael Lindsay’s signature on a letter asking the federal government to exempt religious colleges from the executive order. The city of Salem, Mass., in July nixed a contract that allowed Gordon College to use its town hall.

The committee voted, 4 to 3, last week to sever ties with Gordon College. In recent years the college has placed student volunteers in Lynn classrooms to student-teach or gain course credit.

A Gordon spokesman said that the committee’s decision was “surprising” and that the college hoped the partnership would be renewed.

SOURCE: The Chronicle of Higher Education – Andy Thomason

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