Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Spread Ash Across North America, Change Summer to Winter if it Erupted


Yellowstone supervolcano eruption may spread blanket of ash across the North America. Researchers have concluded that while in areas like Rocky Mountains the level of ash will be substantially higher compared to other areas.

Scientists and seismologists are of the view that in Rocky Mountains the level of ash caused by Yellowstone supervolcano eruption may be as much as one meter throughout the region while in other areas it may be one inch or even thicker blanket of ash.

But this will not be the only consequence of Yellowstone supervolcano eruption. Researchers claim that it may be able to change the weather completely, turning a hot sizzling summer into very cold winter.

In the meantime researchers have worked to understand as to what is under Yellowstone. Seismologists at the University of Utah and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology undertook a study to image the Yellowstone magma reservoir through a technique called seismic tomography. Using improved methods and data from thousands of earthquakes; they discovered that the magma reservoir is much larger than inferred in previous studies. The results from this new approach are published in the Journal Geophysical Research Letters.

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