Live Video-Game Streaming Site, Twitch, Has More Primetime Viewers Than CNN and MSNBC


This week’s announcement that Amazon would purchase Twitch for $970 million sent ripples through the tech world, and for good reason.

It’s well-documented that video games are a highly profitable business. What isn’t as well-documented—at least by economists—is gaming culture. Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch seems to prove that the streaming market isn’t limited to big names like Netflix and HBO Go, nor are sports the only endeavor worthy of rabid fandom.

The fact is, there’s a huge market for live video-game streaming, and it’s only going to get bigger. Twitch seems set to do for gaming what ESPN did for sports.

On Wednesday, the New York Times dove into the numbers behind Twitch’s soaring popularity. What it found is surprising, even given the huge price tag on the deal.

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SOURCE: – Tyler Wells Lynch

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