Christian Rapper Tedashii Says Death of 1-Year-Old Son Placed Strain on Marriage; Life of John the Baptist Gave Him Strength to Overcome Grief

Acclaimed hip hop artist Tedashii (PHOTO) COURTESY: MERGEPR
Acclaimed hip hop artist Tedashii

Tedashii recently opened up about finding strength and redemption in the Bible after the tragic death of his son.

Last year, the acclaimed rapper, who is also a member of Christian hip-hop troupe The 116 Clique, was left wounded and broken following the accidental death of his one-year-old son.

Initially, the tragedy placed strain on his marriage and led him to substance abuse; however, in time, the Houston, TX., native redeemed himself by returning to his faith. He chose to relinquish his pain to Christ to begin his healing process and the journey inspired his latest album “Below Paradise.”

Back in March 2013, Tedashii Anderson, affectionately nicknamed T-dot, was on his way home after an event and his life would never be the same.

After landing in Dallas, the talented hip hop artist, renowned for his deep voice and gentle spirit, received a phone call that shattered his world and forever changed his life.

“I get a phone call on the plane and it was my wife letting me know what happened – my 1-year-old son had passed away. That weekend he was sick [but] seemed to be getting better … it sort of all came out of the blue,” Tedashii told the Christian Post exclusively.

“Below Paradise,” his fourth studio album, is some what of a journal detailing the pain and heartbreak he endured as a result of his loss. The album reached No. 17 on the Billboard 200 Chart.

His last album “Blacklight” debuted at No. 2 on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart and his sophomore album “Identity Crisis” charted at No. 2 on the Gospel Billboard chart.

After learning that his youngest son had died in a car accident, Tedashii fell into a deep depression as he and his wife began their grieving process. He didn’t leave his bedroom for two days, couldn’t bring himself to eat and his marriage would soon be affected.

On “Be With You” and “Never Leave” Tedashii, who has sold more than 120,000 albums to date, recounts clashing with his wife while coming to terms with their loss.

“[These songs] all open up my life to the world. The album is a journal over the last year of my life and each song depicts a moment in that year,” he said. “We were in counseling not just for marriage but for grieving and just learning how to live with this new normal … So that strain was definitely real and evident.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
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