David Writebol Visits with Wife, Nancy Writebol, for the First Time Since Quarantine

David and Nancy Writebol are Christian missionaries in Liberia. (PHOTO CREDIT: AP)
David and Nancy Writebol are Christian missionaries in Liberia. (PHOTO CREDIT: AP)

David Writebol, the husband of missionary Nancy Writebol who was quarantined after his wife came down with Ebola while in Africa, has been released from supervision and enjoyed a through-the-looking-glass reunion Sunday with Nancy in Atlanta.

In a statement released Monday by the charitable group SIM USA, for which Nancy was a volunteer, David Writebol said he had completed his 21-day period of temperature and health monitoring that he was asked to observe by local health officials on his return to the U.S. with his wife. Nancy Writebol and missionary Kent Brantly were transferred to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta for treatment after they had become infected with Ebola.

In David Writebol’s statement Monday, he said he finished his quarantine in Charlotte, N.C., with no symptoms of Ebola infection. He was then cleared to travel to Emory University Hospital to be reunited with his wife, at least through the window of her medical isolation unit.

“I have had the great joy to be able to look through the isolation room glass and see my beautiful wife again,” he said in the statement. “We both placed our hands on opposite sides of the glass, moved with tears to look at each other again. She was standing with her radiant smile, happy beyond words. She is continuing to slowly gain strength, eager for the day when the barriers separating us are set aside, and we can simply hold each other. We prayed together over the intercom, praising our great and mighty God for his goodness to us.”

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Dennis Kelly

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