Woman Files for Maternity of Beyonce and Jay Z’s Baby, Blue Ivy

Woman Files for Maternity of Beyonce and Jay Z's Baby, Blue Ivy

A woman by the name of Tina Seals has reportedly filed a maternity lawsuit in a Manhattan court claiming to be the biological Mother of Beyoncé (pictured) and Jay-Z’s only child, Blue Ivy (pictured), according to The Hollywood Gossip.The legal document allegedly states that Seals is the woman who actually gave birth to Blue Ivy. It also reportedly states that she had previous “associations” with the A-list couple. Meanwhile, this case arises amid rumors that the power couple are on the outs.

Back in October 2011, when Beyoncé was pregnant, there was talk then that she was actually sporting a prosthetic belly.  At one point during a visit to an Australian talk show, Beyoncé was seen taking a seat, and during the process, her pregnant belly appears to fold in half, resembling a Frisbee which is not a common occurrence for a pregnant woman.

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