Financial Freedom is Important

Financial Freedom is Important

There will be all types of who read this with many different stories. Some of you have been through financial education classes, graduated college, and/or work in professional environments, while others are still in pursuit of a high school diploma and have very little education or work experience. Some are middle class. Some are below the poverty line right now. Maybe you were raised in a home where you were never taught about healthy money management and finances. Whatever the case, healthy money management is important to learn early and pursue regularly.

Pastors often come under fire, if they mention the tithe or money in any way, as someone is certain to accuse them of greed or the pursuit of wealth. Yet, we know that the Bible speaks to healthy money management in several texts. Understanding healthy money management is critical to our walk with the Lord and here are a few reasons why:

–         Money stresses us out. It causes many tears. Stressed parents don’t parent well. It affects your friendships, your job performance, and your parenting.

–         Jesus died for our salvation and he died that we may be set free. That freedom is intended for our spiritual lives, of course. But money can absolutely be bondage for us that can cause us to be enslaved to our thought process or poor decisions. Poor money management can be a culprit in addiction. As Christians, we want freedom in all areas, so that we may be a living example of who Christ is living through us. Christ came that we may have an abundant life. Make no mistake. I’m not talking about some frivolous pursuit to secure worldly riches. I simply mean having the freedom to know that our financial situation isn’t a hindrance in our faith walk.

–         We want to leave our children a legacy. Proverbs 13:22 says Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren. Did you notice it doesn’t even say children, rather grandchildren? What an important word for us! We are to be good stewards of that which the Lord has given us in hopes of leaving something behind for our children and their children. I know I don’t want my children having to scrape money together to pay for my funeral. Do you?

–         Wisdom. Proverbs 24:3 says A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong with good sense. Healthy money management leads to freedom, wisdom, and comfort.

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Source: Crosswalk | Jennifer Maggio

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