How to Prepare Your High School Graduate for College Life

How to Prepare Your High School Graduate for College Life

You Know Your Child is Going Off to College When…

  • You start saving small boxes for care packages.
  • He’s on a countdown to graduation.
  • Credit card offers begin arriving in the mail. For him.
  • You start picking up snacks for him to take to school. 3 months early.
  • He prints his packing list. In March.
  • His school album is finished. He can’t take it with him though. You won’t let him.
  • You spend 30 minutes in the shower crying so that no one will notice.
  • You don’t watch sad movies because it will only take one more to put you over the edge.
  • The highlight of your day, filled with great anticipation, is watching the 2-hour finale of the Mentalist with your graduate. Ahhh, good times.
  • You start pricing extra long sheets for his twin bed in the dorm.
  • His dad plots how to pressure wash the crates HE took to college untold years ago and STILL has in his possession.
  • You already have plans for his room to become a scrapbook room. So you have someplace to creatively place all those depressing thoughts of what it will look like when he leaves.
  • You are both bursting with pride and humbled by the young man standing on that stage.

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Source: Crosswalk | Marty Walden, Blogger

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