Christian Children’s Ministry in Texas Fires Homosexual Worker After he Introduces his “Partner” to the Kids; Man Has Been Unsuccessful in Finding a Lawyer Willing to Help him Sue the Ministry

Casey Stegall
Casey Stegall

Homosexual advocates are outraged that a Christian children’s ministry in Texas fired an employee after he introduced his boyfriend to a group of children under his care.

Children’s Home of Lubbock is a non-profit west Texas ministry founded in 1954 and sponsored by Broadway Church of Christ in Lubbock. According to the church’s website, the children’s home is committed to bringing “hope, healing, a sense of worth and value to the lives of fatherless, abused, and neglected children.”

“In spite of the negative behavioral responses, every child, and family of origin will be treated with dignity and compassion of Christ,” the church’s website says. “This ministry brings those of differing gifts together to be the hands, feet, arms, tears and heart of God to defend the cause of the fatherless and at-risk families.”

However, the Christian children’s home became the subject of controversy this month when Casey Stegall, a 22-year-old male college student, was fired from the ministry. Stegall, who had worked at the home as a child caregiver for 14 months, describes himself as a “gay Christian.”

“My fiancé and I have been together for 3 years, and we have never once showed any display of public affection towards each other,” Stegall wrote in a blog post published on Friday by the pro-homosexual website Believe Out Loud. “Living in a very conservative town, we knew the risk we were taking as a couple.”

However, Stegall’s employment at the children’s home came to an end earlier this month after he invited his male “fiancé” to meet a group of teenage boys under his care. According to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Stegall used a planned day trip out of the children’s home as an opportunity to introduce his homosexual partner to the youth.

Lynn Harms, president of the children’s home, swiftly dismissed Stegall from the organization, informing him that his homosexual conduct was unwelcome in the Christian children’s ministry.

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SOURCE: Garrett Haley 
Christian News Network

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