39th Annual National Association of Black Journalist Convention Kicks Off

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The 39th annual National Association of Black Journalist Convention and Career Fair starts today in Boston.

Once a year some of the nation’s best black journalists, those aspiring to be journalists and all those in-between converge on a city to discuss the politics, coverage (and lack thereof) of African-Americans in the news. This year, Boston plays host to the 39thannual National Association of Black Journalist Convention and Career Fair.

This year’s theme, “Revolution to Evolution, Shaping Our Future” could be felt on the convention’s website which forces desktop users to download an app in order to see the days events. Nevertheless, the 5-day convention, which technically kicks off Wednesday but doesn’t truly get going until Thursday morning, starts the day off with Zumba for those journalists that like to infuse their bodies with Latin and African rhythms (6:30 a.m.).

The convention will host thought provoking discussions on race such as Lunch and Learn: A Conversation with Charles Ogletree on Race in America (Thurs; 11:15 a.m.) Gatekeepers: Who’s in Charge of Checking Racial Stereotyping? (Friday 5:15 p.m.)  Covering the Black Woman’s Experience(Friday 3:30 p.m.) and Telling our Story: Keeping the History of African-American Historic Places Alive and in the Spotlight (Sat; 9:30 a.m.) to name a few. The bulk of the panels, focus on navigating the balance between technology and journalism.

On Thursday, Managing Editor of The Root, Lyne Pitts will join four journalists for a panel titled, Black Press: Impact of an Increased Digital Presence (3:45 p.m.). Other technology-based panels include: Digital Journalism 101: Write, Click, Tweet (Thurs; 2:00 p.m.) Social Media Reporting Tools: Apps, Tech and Tools for Journalists (Fri; 12:15 p.m.) and Bloggers, Tweeters, and Journalists – What is the Difference? (Sat; 11:15 a.m.)

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