DC Talk’s Kevin Max Urges Christians to Come Clean About Sex and Divorce

Kevin Max
Kevin Max

DC Talk member Kevin Max appeared on the Bad Christian podcast this week where he discussed the Christian music industry, the band’s origins and his public divorce.

Host’s Matt, Toby and Joey inquired about his opinion on public figures asking for privacy while going through personal issues. Max went through a divorce that he’s been very candid about in the past.

“If somebody is a [famous] artist, they’re going to have to be ready to explore and expose who they are,” said Max. “Some artists decide not to and I think that’s kind of an easy way out.”

He feels that Christian artists, more than anyone need to be open about their issues including problems such as divorce.

“I’m pretty honest when people ask me what [my divorce] was like,” he said. “I tell them it was devastating. When we keep things in the closet and we don’t talk about them we get in trouble.”

“People should be outright honest about what’s going on in their lives. I feel like that’s what Christ spoke about with his disciples. [He encouraged them] to be honest with each other and get to the root of what they’re were feeling and to me that relationship between them was the church model before there was church,” he added.

Max feels that transparency seen in the New Testament is really missing from today’s church. He stated that Christians rarely discuss sexual sin and by keeping it in the closet it can become a much bigger problem for the body.

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